What Not To Do When Shopping For Diamond Rings

Shopping for anything can be a stressful activity, but when shopping for engagement rings, multiply this stress level by 1000. Given that this is for an undoubtedly very important moment in your life, it is completely understandable that you would only want the best. On that note, for anyone who is contemplating proposing to their significant other, it would be a good idea to first study about the world of engagement rings. Do not walk in their blind, you will only end up striking a bad deal, which when it comes to something this big, is a colossal failure. No need to panic, the rules are quite simple. Just make sure you research well enough.

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Going In Without The 4C’s

Consider this your passport for entry here. The 4C’s stand for carat, cut, clarity and colour. The highest clarity diamonds are classified as ‘flawless’, so if you come across one that says that, well the description is self-explanatory. With cuts as well, you want to familiarise yourself with what they are, for instance princess, round, marquise, emerald, etc. If you know what your significant other wants, that would make things much easier as well. Of course the carat you opt for is dependent on your budget.

Buy the First You See

Yes the process is stressful, but that does not mean you should just go out and buy anything you come across first. That might sound like a given, but most people seem to assume that since it is a diamond anyway, anything will do. Hardly the case. For one thing, you want to be sure you are getting the best deal in terms of value, and for another, you also want to check up on certification, ensure the jewellers are genuine and so on. Assume you are looking for designer engagement rings Melbourne: shop around a bit before making the purchase. If you gravitate more towards one and they are legit, go for it.

Not Choosing the Right Cut

Another important fact to know about diamonds, is that there are two main types of cuts, under which everything else falls. That is, clarity and colour. Some diamonds have been cut to exemplify their hues, which is most often seen in vintage diamonds. However as with everything, time has changed how modern diamonds are both perceived and cut too. Today, we are all about the sparkle, and so you will find that most diamonds today are brilliant cut. It is up to you what you want to highlight. The sparkle, or the colour?

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Not Investing In Insurance

Much as you would probably not like to think of any other expenditure right after buying a diamond ring, like it or not you have to invest in insurance as well. The likelihood of your ring being stolen, lost or damaged is very probable, and you do not want to take any chances. Some insurance policies include things like size adjustments and fixing loosened stones, so you are advised to shop around for insurance providers too while you are at it.

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