What Kind Of A Fashion Fanatic Are You?

Even when life becomes more and more like a roller coaster ride, there are always a couple of things you certainly wouldn’t compromise and forego. One of which could be your wardrobe. There are people who consider dressing up and looking good no less than a ‘sacred’ act. To these people, fashion defines them and gives them a whole identity. They also look at fashion in a whole different perspective that involves many details and ‘unknown factors’. There are also some, on the other hand, who see clothing as nothing more than pieces of fabric that cover and protect your body. They are the ones who’d do anything for comfort and ease. Meanwhile, there is also an in-between type, who would opt for ‘a little bit of both’.

Stand Out In a Crowd & Steal the Spotlight

The first type of people are usually the ones who invest loads of time and money on their wardrobe. Although they might deny it, they are the type who are secretly competitive and want to look better than the rest. Such people are almost always on the lookout for new ideas, new designs, and the latest fashion trends and updates. It is funny and at the same time, amazing how this could sometimes make a big part of their purpose or mission in life. If you happen to raid their bedrooms, you are likely to find the finest and the best of everything: the best brands, the finest fabrics, and the latest of it all.

Just Be Comfortable & Just Be You!

The second type would be those who just don’t care! They could even be the extreme opposite of the first. They may strongly oppose the idea of trying to ‘look different’ or getting into a ‘disguise’ when it clearly is much wiser to let your clothing reflect who you ‘really’ are! Their sole purpose of clothing would be to feel extremely comfortable in it, doing anything anywhere. To achieve this, it certainly wouldn’t matter how it would look or what people would think or say! They are also the type who ‘wouldn’t bother’ to try different things or even look pleasing, as long as they ‘feel good’ and easy!

Look Good, Feel Good

The in-between type is those who want to strike a balance. They certainly wouldn’t believe in overtly styling themselves, but, that would mean they’d just go with ‘anything’ either. Instead, they’d look for clothing that are both lovely to look at, and comfy to keep on. This type of clothing is widely available and are easy to find at various prices. The industry targets majorly on this type of clothing because it becomes almost like a bonus when two needs are satisfied in one at equally high levels.

When it comes to fashion and clothing, it wouldn’t really matter which type you belong to, because in the end of the day, fashion is about freedom and expression, and how you choose to do it does not really count.

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