Useful Flower Tips for Your Wedding

Flowers are a key element in any wedding, and add to the ambience of the place no doubt. Of course the varieties and combinations are endless, and since it is highly unlikely that unless you are involved with botany you would know all the different kinds, it is best you spend some time on this. You will be using flowers everywhere, from your bouquet to the aisle, centre pieces, and wedding arch and so on. Needless to say, they will be featured in almost all your wedding pictures, so you want them to be on point. Take a look at these tips to help you choose just the right flowers for your day.

Get To Know Them

First things first. Get to know the different types of flowers. Their names, what they look like, and which are available during what seasons. If you know roughly around which time of the year you will be getting married, this will be easier. Some species are not as readily available as they are during other times of year, so it is necessary to be aware. You can ask a few florists about what they recommend and have in mind as well.

Add a Pop of Colour

Brides are generally drawn to soft, pastel shades because they are… well, soft. They exude romance and can be very beautiful in a venue, but it does not hurt to add a splash of colour. Reds, purples and yellows for instance, can be striking when added to a neutral scheme. Do not be afraid to experiment. After all, in the initial stages you are just trying out different things so why hold yourself back? Your wedding flowers could look that much better with just a touch of extra hue, so try and be open-minded.


If the flower you like the best wilts easily, then it is not a great contender for your wedding is it? Why not look at a few types that are more hardy and able to withstand the rigorous hours of a wedding? If your flowers can still look fresh by the time you drive off, then mission accomplished. Longevity can keep your wedding venue looking bright and vibrant for ages, which is nice especially when the pictures start coming out! If you are not sure, again turn to a florist for assistance. They will know what you should do, factoring in whether it is an outdoor or indoor wedding.

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Delivery and Maintenance

It all depends on your florist and how they arrange for your flowers to be delivered and set up, but if they arrive 2-3 days early and you need to keep an eye on them till they bloom ready for the big day, you need some help. Enlist your bridesmaids and your family to help out however they can. You need to store them in a cool place, and ensure they get plenty of water and are hydrated at all times. When delivering the flowers to the venue as well, try to get them to do it in the morning, when the sun is not too harsh, lessening the risk of the flowers drying out.

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