Three main types of men’s shirts

Most men are not aware of the different types of shirts available for them, because they rather stick to the basics of what they know as all typical men would do. But occasionally the situation arrives where a guy may want to make their best first impression whether its a first date or meeting the girlfriend’s parents. Here is a quick start-up guide to know your way around the main three types of styles for men’s shirts and other accessories in the simplest way possible stand to look your best at your special occasion.

Where to start

Before understanding the different types of shirts you need to pair its important that you understand the ability to accessorize your outfit. Although accessorizing may sound like a feminine thing to do its actually pretty basic knowledge involving shoes and belts. Itself utmost importance that a guy learns to match his belt and shoes. You should never ever match black shoes with a brown belt unless the shoes are a deep tan or brown colour. As soon as you catch up on the idea the difference it makes to your outfit will leave you stunned. Now we move on to the main three types of shirts a guy must have.

What are dress shirts and what’s the occasion?

 A dress shirt is a formal shirt that is either mainly worn to office or school. Its always meant to be worn in formal settings, although most men prefer to wear their shirts formal or not baggy and loose on themselves. That is the worst and most unattractive thing that can be done especially to a dress shirt.

A dress shirt is meant to be well fitted, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be tight against your skin but more like it has to be well fitted against you and still give you enough space to move around comfortably. An additional touch to this ensemble can be a menswear casual blazer Singapore, as they have the best quality and long lasting items for excellent prices.

The Crew Neck style and others

The most famous style of all t-shirts in the fashion world! You simply cannot go wrong with a well off crew neck t-shirt as its fit can be easily be found. The fit of a crew neck shirt should be neutral, not too tight nor too loose. In terms of colours and patterns when it comes to crew neck t-shirts the choices are truly endless, opt for a 100% cotton t-shirt to keep you comfortable so go for it nothing can stop you.

It is considered to be the bravest of all the choices, but unfortunately only a few can pull it off. Men who are tall should avoid v neck t-shirts as this can make them look shorter whereas vest style only can be pulled off by dedicated bodybuilders or someone who can maintain their bodies through intense exercise.

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