Looking To Lengthen Hair Quickly? Get To the Root of It

As much as short hair can be breezy and super simple to work with, long hair is great for experimenting with different styles and coming up with something new for every occasion. Problem is, not all of us can achieve that shampoo-ad worthy hair overnight, and sometimes not even 3 months in some cases. And some other times, you often need a long-hair look quite quickly, which can make things even more stressful. Take a look at some of the tips below that have been picked to help you lengthen your hair quicker.

Trim It Up

We understand how this might seem perplexing to someone who is looking to grow their hair, but hear us out. The concept behind this is not that the trimming itself makes your hair grow; it is the fact that the trimming removed split ends and unhealthy bits of hair at the end that prevents your hair from growing out. Go for regular trims, and you will notice a difference after a few times. Just make sure they do not cut more than you ask them to (which is easier said than done we know), else you will keep your short hair for longer than planned!

Go Artificial

We are of course talking about hair extensions. This ridiculously versatile invention has been a massive breakthrough in both the fashion and hairstyling industries, allowing people to experiment their looks at a moment’s whim. Needless to say, this drove fashion designers into a frenzy and spawned many a creative look on runways around the world. There are different types of extensions for you to choose from, so read up on them to find out which seems to be most in line with your requirements.

Reduce Chemicals

You may not be into chemical bonding, relaxing and that sort of thing, but if you are into colouring your hair all the time, that is bad too. In fact, you should ideally stay away from all chemicals for your hair. Consider it rehab for your mane. If you keep loading chemical after chemical on it, it will not have time to recover, and our hair strands weaken and become brittle eventually. As many who have been in this situation will tell you, it takes a long time to recover and requires a lot of gentle care which is tedious.

Brush Your Hair

Those with curly hair properly read that horrified, but brushing your hair helps distribute your scalp’s natural oils with ease. You do not need to do this through the day, just at night before you sleep is fine. It also does not have to be the ‘100’ strokes we are used to hearing from our grandmothers; a few are fine. Use a good brush, one that will not harm your scalp or break your hair. Wide bristles are good for curly hair, as small teeth make it more prone to breakage. Get into this habit, and after a while, it will come naturally as part of your bedtime routine.

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