How to choose hair accessories to suit your hair colours

Accessorizing your hair is something that can be a lot of fun and can really add that kick to the final look that you want to project. However, sometimes when you do choose these accessories, it is a good idea to keep them in shades that will complement the shades of your natural hair. That will make your skin pop and will also look really great on you. Here are some good examples.

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Dark or jet black hair

Anything in the shade of ivory such as pearls or freshwater pearls can really bring out and dazzle with the rich black shade of your natural hair. Flowers or spring racing fascinators are really great on dark hair too even if the shade is not exactly jet black. The other kind of hair accessory that would work really well with these kind of locks would be the vintage or retro like hair combs with a tiny bit of sparkle on them. With all of the darkness accentuating the sparkle, you could really be setting a new trend.

For blonde hair

Your best bet is to go gold. Silver can look a little bit too harsh and wash you out especially if the accessory that you have chosen is a really chunky and heavy one. The only type of silver that will work really well with blonde hair are the ones that have a much more warmer tone to it along with what you might call a ton of bling-bling. The additional sparkle will fir in very well with the tone of your natural hair and draw emphasis to your face and eyes. If you have long, curly and blonde hair you will look phenomenal if you wear a forehead band. It is very bohemian and very glamorous.

Brunette hair

Brunettes have probably the best head of hair to carry off a bold diamante piece like nobody else. This shade of hair will also blend in really well with different metallic shades and make the wearer look really elegant yet chic. Russets, medium browns and nude can also work well in the favour of brunette accessories but not always. It is more a case of personal choice so you will have to wear them and see if you like the colour combination effect that it creates for you.


Champagne and red coloured hair accessories with crystals in them can really add more glamour to this uncommon and already glitzy tone of hair. The hair also looks really great with an up-do sort of styling that has been accentuated with combs that have the champagne and red colours.

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