How to Buy Legwear When You are Plus Sized?

Buying clothes for the lower part of your body can be an overwhelming experience when you are plus sized or curvy. Women’s legwear is still largely designed for women with thin legs and thin hiplines. But in reality, women may have wider hips, wide backsides, or bulging thighs. Don’t be afraid to embrace your body and shop for the outfits you want. You only look not so great when you wear ill-fitted legwear.

Here are some ideas for buying legwear that will fit your frame well and make you look amazing:

Don’t Try to Hide Your Belly

The belly plays a major role when you shop for legwear. Most curvy ladies run into trouble when shopping for legwear because they want to hide a bulging belly. Some women may go for oversized or baggy outfits hoping the belly would be covered up. The result is a badly fitting outfit that doesn’t complement your natural shape in any way. Therefore, don’t be afraid to embrace the belly. Y

You can buy low-cut pants that don’t tuck in your tummy. Don’t rely on high-waisted jeans hoping it would make your waist look small. When the waist line is too small or big, you would just end up looking like a beach ball. What matters here is that you choose legwear that complements your midsection, instead of trying to compress it.

Yes, You can Wear Leggings and Thigh-High Socks

Curvy women tend to opt for jeans and oversized pants hoping to hide their bulges, and stay away from leggings, tights, and stockings. Actually, you can wear leggings as long as you pair it with a sensible top. Don’t be afraid to try thigh-high socks and tights just because you want to hide your curves. If you choose the right fit and a dark colour, high-quality plus size hosiery would be a great addition to your wardrobe. Just avoid buying any bright coloured leggings that might mismatch with your regular tops.

Invest in Flared and Palazzo Pants

Don’t like the martini glass shape some fitting jeans can create? Then buy pants with plenty of room to move around. Not only are wide legged pants like palazzo pants and flared bottoms comfortable, these can hide any unflattering bulges that you don’t feel like showing off. Your new pair of pants should fit you comfortably around the hip. For the best looks, it can fall down your legs like a waterfall. When you wear roomy pants, choose a lovely pattern that would be charming to look at. A patterned pair of flared pants and a single-colour blouse is an easy outfit choice for the warmer months.

Make Your Legs Look Longer with Knee-Highs

Knee-high legwear is perfect when you want to highlight how long your legs are. These can actually make your legs look elongated. When you want to look tall like a supermodel, knee-highs can work like a charm. As always, choose the right fit and opaqueness to make the look work.

The secret to buying the right type of pants when you are curvy is to not be afraid of showing off your bulges once in a while. Don’t choose oversize pants; the right size is important to make your whole outfit work.

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