Gaining Your Body Confidence Back Post-Baby

Having a baby is a wonderful thing but as most new mothers would testify, it is an emotional rollercoaster. Oftentimes women are expected to feel on cloud seven after having a baby. Although sometimes that is how you feel, it is not always the case. There are really depressing and difficult times as well. And one such instance is when you expect your body to function the way it did before having the baby. Your body although having gone through one of its most miraculous experiences can feel very weird and not cooperative at all. On top of that you will be dealing with some kind of pain even if you had a normal delivery.

Women who go through this regularly more often than not see themselves in the mirror and a whole lot of negative thoughts come running through their minds. A look at the sagging skin, tired face and even chunky thighs can for a moment steal the joy of seeing your new born away from you. So how do women cope? How does one bounce back? Here are some tips from several women who have lived through it and made positive changes to cope and enjoy the process of being a new mom.  

  • Right minds set: bouncing back is not easy, and no matter how many books you read on staying fit and how many times you try to eat well, it does not really help to be the person you were before. So the right attitude and mindset counts. One suggestion is to work with your existing body as it is. Sometimes this means covering some extra bulges or saggy areas with the right clothing such as feeding tops or flattering frocks in your new size. 
  • Give some support: many cultures have belly wrapping traditions and practise to help with the sagging belly. In modern society there are many kinds and types of girdles and belly wraps that are available. While some women use them some don’t. But if you are unable to hit the gym as often and you feel a bit floppy in the mid section then strapping yourself with one of these belts is the way to do. Many women who have tried it confirm the strength and support these belts provided in making them feel in control.
  • All black: this is another trick that has been tried and tested. New moms say that wearing black made them feel hip and trendy, and this is important in those early months when you do not really feel good about yourself and do not look your best. Apart from that black helps to hide any milk stains so you can be confident even in a public place.
  • Wear makeup: although you may not doll yourself up at home. Some women feel that adding a bit of makeup helps boost their spirits. So why not take some time to rub a bit of mascara or gloss, you will feel better about yourself.

Like the above suggestions, all the tips try to help women be the best they can be so that they in turn can take care of their new bundle of joy.

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