FAQs on photo booths

What is the speciality of photo booths that so many are attracted to?

Well their most lucrative selling point is the fact that they use the currently trending social media obsessions as part of their act, dub mashes, boomerangs and themed props etc. are very celebrated features of a photo booth that is now available from all occasions ranging from wedding to college dances and product launches.

What is the typical setup of a photo booth?

The set up required approximately an area of 2m*2m and includes a backdrop either generic or customized backdrop as per the clients wish along with props. The setup is complete with the inclusion of a camera and a portable printing device. Depending on the add-ons requested there can be more equipment added on to this set up which required undisrupted power and web access.

What is offered in a photo booth?

As the name suggests it offers instant photos in form of single photos or collages of individuals, couples and groups at a function. This is not just plain old picture taking but a very dramatic and action filled outlet that lets your imagination run wild. In the host’s perspective, Photobooth Singapore offers a cost effective entertainment item to lighten up the mood any gathering be it a formal or in formal one while making your party something that will linger in the back of the mind of all you invited.

Photo booths can be customized to complement the colour scheme or theme of your event upon discussing with the service provider who will also be able to help you achieve a more theme/ colour scheme oriented set up with additions such as a customized back drop and props.

What can be used as photo booth props. The simple answer would be anything that will fit in the frame. You can be creative as you want but to save you the trouble of having to source something on your own, mobile photo booths are equipped with the most popular props that are often, haps, streamers. Oversized beach glasses, colourful picture frames and dialog boxes that include humorous wordings that is often used in casual conversation.

What is a ‘’live feed’’?

A live feed is a real time video complied by a guest or a participant at a function or event such as a wedding, product launch or any other function and broadcasted alongside the event’s proceedings for the period of its duration. This is typically well wishes or expression of support for the cause of the event.

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